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Don’t leave Auto Enrolment to the last minute, delays may result in you occurring penalties. Leave it to us to help you through from start to finish. We offer early registration discounts enabling you to be well prepared for your staging date and save money at the same time.

The Pension Regulator recommends you start your planning 12-14 months before your Staging Date. See the Regulator’s Action Plan for Implementation below:

If you don’t comply, you can be fined up to £5,000 each day, more if you have over 500 employees. You may believe that the government pension scheme, NEST, will take care of the extra administration for you, but it won’t.

Fortunately, MAP Enrolment Solutions can help you through this maze by providing a panel of providers. A solution that means you can stay focused on building your business – not running your pension scheme. A solution that’s right for you and right for your workforce. A solution that will provide peace of mind for you and a great deal for your employees.

MAP Enrolment Solutions provides a more comprehensive solution to the challenges you face than any other proposition. That leaves you to focus on running your business.

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Here are some of the key benefits that MAP Enrolment Solutions panel can provide.


We'll categorise your employees, send the right communications to the right people (and at the right time), assist with changes to your payroll systems and make sure your records are accurate and up to date at all times.

Support and training.

We'll provide dedicated telephone support to make sure everything works smoothly and provide training for your staff.

Investment Committee.

In-house investment professionals will choose the right funds for you and your employees and regularly review performance and investment strategy.

Telephone support.

A specialist helpline will be available to answer any questions your employees may have about the pension scheme or Auto Enrolment – and we'll even offer this service to employees who opt out!

Online support.

We'll set up a dedicated secure website providing your employees with online assistance at all times.


As well as making sure you are complying with the regulations, our service includes completing your Declaration Of Compliance with The Pensions Regulator.

All of these features combine to create a unique end to end solution that allows you to focus on building your business, not managing your Workplace Pension.

Contact us today and arrange a no obligation consultation to find out more about how Auto Enrolment affects you.

Choosing Map Auto Enrolment will save you time and money

Below is a summary of the Auto Enrolment procedures and their time burdens on your team

Auto Enrolment Procedure Time Burden (working days)
Know your staging date and Auto Enrolment process Up to 10 days; one-off
Nominate a point of contact Up to 8 hours; one-off
Develop a pension plan Up to 20 days; one-off
Construct the designated communications Up to 5 days; one-off
Liaise with payroll provider Up to 6 days; one-off
Put in place adequate business processes Up to 30* days; one-off
Choosing a pension scheme for Auto Enrolment funds Up to 9 days; one-off
Set-up pension scheme / liaise with pension provider Up to 3 days; one-off and monthly
Classify workers into categories Up to 5 days; one-off and monthly
Auto enrol eligible employees Up to 4 days; one-off and monthly
Process opt outs, opt ins and joining requests and process automatic re-enrolment after three years Up to 6 days; one-off and monthly
Addressing staff queries about Auto Enrolment Up to 3 days; one-off and monthly
Register with The Pensions Regulator Up to 5 hours; one-off
Keeping audit able records Up to 10 hours; monthly
Keeping up with new Auto Enrolment rules and procedures Up to 8 hours; monthly
Total one-off time burden Up to 103 man days
Total monthly recurring time burden Up to 3.5 man days

*This could be up to 40 man days for the very largest business.
Source: Creative Auto Enrolment data, Cebr analysis.

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All companies with 30 or less employees are now nearing their Staging Date for implementing a Workplace Pension Scheme. Do you know your staging date?

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